I am CaveMammy.  I wanted to be CaveMam but that blog site was already taken.

I don’t live in a cave.  I live in a fairly standard three bedroom terraced house, on the Northside of Dublin.  We have a mortgage, and jobs, and a car.  We buy the bulk of our food in Lidl.


We want to be cavemen.  We both believe that our bodies and minds are most suited to living like it’s 10,000 B.C. and goddamit, we’ll recreate that if we can.  As much as possible in a three bedroom terraced house. In Finglas. With a mortgage.

We haven’t a notion what we’re doing half the time.  Everything has to be adapted to who we are and where we live and what’s available to us .  Some of it works really well, some of it not so much.  But I’ll write about it here, warts and all.  I’ll be writing about how we manage to eat caveman style from our Lidl shop.  How we get our fix of the natural world.  How we sleep with our smallies.  How I carry our baby.  About the joys of breastfeeding said baby.  About being (trying to be!) gentle with our two boys and helping them explore the world without fear.  Essentially, about trying to raise some free range kids in a free range family. In a three bedroomed terraced house.

We’re not really cavemen.  I only own one fur bikini.  We’re just trying to do things a bit differently.  Stay with me and I’ll tell you how.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there cavemammy happy to have found you! I’m blogging from the wilds of Leitrim myself! Looking forward to following you : )

  2. Hi, is there a way to subscribe to receive email updates when you post? I can’t see that as an option but am interested because I know I’ll forget to come back here and read your blog!!! Thanks, Sue 🙂

    • Hi sue! There is a follow option but I think you might have to have a wordpress account to avail of it. If you’re on twitter you could follow me at @jolisby for updates. I’m working on getting some kind of update sewn into the blog itself. Thanks a mill for stopping by! 🙂 Hope you read more and enjoy!

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